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Pets Can Develop an Auto Injury, Too

When there's a car accident, any living being inside the car is subject to develop an auto injury. That's why it's important to get everyone assessed for a possible auto injury after the accident.

Adults can and often suffer from whiplash, and children and adolescents may also end up with a whiplash auto injury. However, you may not realize that your pet in the car also may develop an auto injury such as whiplash for the same reasons you develop the whiplash.

When the car is moving in a forward direction, that momentum is carried to the living persons and pets inside the car. When there's a sudden stop or a hit from behind, the forward momentum is stopped suddenly, and the brain rebounds after hitting the front of the skull to hit the back part of the skull. Brain tissue is held somewhat in place by the bony structures, but the force of the collision is what disrupts the brain's normal position. This is true not only for people but pets. Thus, you, your children and your pets are prone to whiplash injuries.

The problem for your pets is that veterinarians aren't necessarily looking for an whiplash auto injury in dogs. Veterinarians may not have developed sophisticated strategies for an auto injury they aren't even looking for. Yet, a whiplash auto injury can be very devastating to a human; why not a pet?

The answer for a human whiplash auto injury is to seek medical help PLUS chiropractic help. Some studies have shown that adults receiving medical treatment for whiplash are not much better after months of treatment; yet when chiropractic treatments are started, there's a higher resolution of whiplash auto injury cases.

Are you coming to the conclusion that perhaps chiropractic treatments might be helpful for your pet that has been involved in a car accident? It's certainly one that seems like common sense. If other people in the car suffered whiplash, why wouldn't it be possible that the dog did, too? Why couldn't a pet receive a chiropractic adjustment?

Well, it turns out that some chiropractors are using the tools of their trades – their hands and their Activator tool to deliver a chiropractic manipulation to the spine of animals, some who may have developed an auto injury, as well as humans. It's a branch of chiropractic in its infancy but one that will no doubt be gaining a lot of momentum in the next decade.

October 23, 2014

Dr. Sweeney

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