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To See a Personal Injury Chiropractor in Nashville

If you’ve had a personal injury from an auto accident or a work injury, you may see a medical doctor, not a chiropractor initially. When should you begin seeing a personal injury chiropractor? Are there any times when you shouldn’t see one?

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Here’s a list of some times when having a personal injury chiropractor is a great idea:

  • After a car accident or work injury that has damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments with sprains and strains
  • When you feel an accident jarred your joints and they need to be ‘popped’ back into place
  • When you have whiplash but don’t have a fracture of any cervical vertebrae
  • When you slipped and caught yourself on the fall
  • When you have already had medical care and little improvement
  • When painkillers are causing side effects but you still need pain relief
  • When your motion is restricted in any direction in your neck, back, arm, wrist, hand, leg, hip, ankle or foot
  • When you have a disc injury but are still able to move
  • When you are suffering from repetitive motion disorders
  • When your medical doctor tells you he / she has no other option
  • When discussions with your insurance company aren’t going anywhere

Treatment from a chiropractor does make a difference in the length of time people suffer from their injuries, either on the job or in a car accident. Treatment from a personal injury chiropractor helps because there are procedures that must be followed in order for you to receive reimbursement for your injuries; it’s not good to be on the bottom of the learning curve for something so important as this.

There are some times when you should delay your visits to a personal injury chiropractor. This doesn’t mean that you should never schedule the visit, but instead, just postpone it until you heal a little bit more. Some of those times include the following:

  • After a stroke (you need immediate medical care)
  • After a vertebral fracture, especially in the neck (your neck and spine is unstable)
  • After a diagnosis of cancer that spread to other body parts
  • When you have open wounds (heal the skin first)
  • After a diagnosis of osteoporosis (unless you are seeking nutritional advice)

In all these situations, you must take care of the immediate medical condition first.

When seeing a personal injury chiropractor like Dr. Sweeney, you can count on being in good hands, both for your health and for your particular personal injury case. Contact our office in Nashville, TN to start recovering from personal injuries today!