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"I first met Dr. Sweeney when my body was 80% numb, I I could not walk or stand up straight, had 6 bad falls, with 2 down the stairs. I had just had a baby 3 weeks before and my OB was not being any help to me finding a neurologist and it seemed like none of the doctors I was trying to get into were taking my symptoms serious enough and I could not get in quick enough to anyone for how fast I was going downhill. Thankfully, by way of a path only God can create, I called Sweeney Chiropractic. I spoke with the receptionist who had a chiropractor call me back and within 5 minutes there was Dr. Sweeney. He took the time to LISTEN to my symptoms, was very concerned and asked to see me first thing in the morning based on my symptoms. He evaluated me, sensed there were possibly serious neurological and showed concern regarding my spinal cord. He gave me his cell phone number in case my symptoms got worse and referred me right away to see a neurosurgeon first thing Monday morning. The neuro surgeon Dr. Sweeney referred me to ordered MRI's and lesions were found on my brain on my spinal cord that were a diagnose of MS (plus having 10+ of the over 50 possible symptoms). The Neuro said its by Gods grace I'm not paralyzed. We started treatment right away for corticosteriod injections and with the treatment and LOTS of prayer, I am responding well and regaining my strength back. I've started walking again, and the numbness is fading (I was 80% numb, now less 40% and regaining sensation!). The Neuro has now drastically reduced my medication and I've already started management medication and its only been 3 weeks! The Neuro says I am recovering at a rate of 300,000! Thank You Lord!"

"Dr. Sweeney has played such an integrate role in my discovery and recovery (along with our Lord Jesus Christ!), I would highly recommend him for his sound judgment, caring nature, and dedication to his patients. Dr. Sweeney.....leading the path here in Nashville!!" 

ebygirl17 at Citysearch

"I am a runner and Dr. Sweeney has helped me on the road and off the injured reserve list. I have had a couple of overuse injuries that he was able to diagnose and fix quickly. He administered deep tissue massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments and stretching. He also taught me some strengthening exercises that I could do on my own. I would recommend Dr. Jim Sweeney to anyone suffering from injury or overuse aches and pains. He will help you!"


"My four year old daughter suffered from asthma 12 months ago. Since bringing her to see Dr. Jim Sweeney she has been able to come off her inhalers completely. Dr. Sweeney has done a wonderful job; I can not thank him enough."

Mrs. Buckland-Nashville

"I came to Dr. Sweeney in total pain. Within four chiropractic visits, I was 100% better, money well spent and the advice given is invaluable. Thank you Dr. Jim."


"I was in pain for five years. The pain was in my lower back and I had numbness in my upper left leg. I have been through MRI exams, x-rays, physical therapy and medication (basically through the ringer). I have been struggling for a long time with this problem, even at work. I would have to bend over and lean on a table to get relief because standing was causing terrible pain. I began seeing Dr. Jim Sweeney and was slightly skeptical at first, but he has helped me and helped prevent me from having surgery. After one chiropractic adjustment is the best I have felt in 10 years."


"I've never had Chiropractic Care before, but since I have had it personally, all I can say is, "What took me so long to have this treatment." Thanks, Dr. Jim.


"After suffering from horrible headaches for as long as I can remember, I took a friend's advice and made an appointment with her chiropractor. My first visit with Dr. Jim Sweeney went very well. He preformed an orthopedic and neurological exam, x-rays and he immediately found the problem. I thought after my first chiropractic adjustment maybe my headaches would lessen or become less intense--but much to my delight, I was headache free for the first time in 10 years. I want to thank Dr. Jim Sweeney for all his help and I would suggest anyone with headaches to visit Dr. Jim."