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How a Work Injury Happens

Knowing how a work injury happens is one of the best preventive measures you can take. And it’s an important one, as every year, about 3.3 million workers suffer from an injury – and unfortunately never recover. That’s the statistic from the Secretary of Labor. As a chiropractor specializing in personal injuries, Dr. Sweeny has seen hundreds of workers suffering from the effects of their job-related duties or work injuries in Nashville, TN. These are some of the most common types of work injuries he sees, and how you can take steps to prevent them.

A work injury can happen in a number of ways, depending on the type of job. Do you have a job where you’re required to continually sit at a desk and use the computer? If so, you’re more susceptible to repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if the desk and chair at work does not fit your body ergonomically. You may also suffer from back pain and vision problems from the computer. Thus, by knowing this ahead of time, you can take steps to make sure your desk and chair fit your body, and prevent a work injury from occurring.

Another type of work injury is catching clothes or body parts in equipment or machinery. The way to prevent this from happening is to carefully select clothes such as shirts or blouses that don’t have sleeves that are loose. Don’t wear hair long because it could catch into moving equipment and drag your head in, too. Be aware of equipment that has the potential to cause injuries and know the top three things you shouldn’t do when you’re near that equipment.

One additional type of work injury is slipping and tripping injuries. One slip or fall can send you into a concrete object nearby, or slam your head to the ground. It can also be the source of muscle strains and sprains. Check your shoes and orthotics to make sure they can help prevent a slipping or tripping work injury.

Even if you don't have one single traumatic event leading to a work injury, if you work at job sitting or standing in the same spot all day, or required to lift and move heavy objects or operate a vehicle, it won't hurt to seek the regular care of a chiropractor. People who work in the construction, medical, manufacturing, or tech industries are especially at risk of these common work injuries. Seeing your Nashville chiropractor can keep your spine properly aligned, and help you understand ways you can reduce your risk of joint or spine injuries.

If you have already suffered from a work injury, make an appointment with your Nashville chiropractor right away to begin your healing.


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May 08, 2014

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