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Is Your Shoulder Work Injury Destroying Your Life?

It’s possible you could experience a work injury that leads to a diagnosis of frozen shoulder. For example, let’s say you’re at work and reach for an object on a top shelf only to discover you lost your balance and fell on your shoulder.

If you immobilize your shoulder because of the pain, it’s possible that enough stiffness could occur in the joint to make the shoulder “frozen” in position. This would be the type of work injury that leads to a workers compensation case. And it’s also the type of work injury that can literally destroy your life.

With a frozen shoulder, you can’t lift your elbow to wash your hair. Ever try to wash your hair with one hand? It’s quite difficult! You can’t carry groceries like you used to, or the baby either. If the frozen shoulder work injury is in your baseball pitching or batting side of your body, you can forget playing catch with the boys.

It’s difficult to write anything with a frozen shoulder work injury as well, simply because you don’t have the flexibility to move your arm in small directions without pain. Thus, if you’re a student or work at a computer, you can forget completely your assignments with relative ease, at least for now.

There’s good news here. The frozen shoulder work injury can be treated by chiropractic manipulation. In fact, you’ll want to go visit a chiropractor as possible. Dr. Sweeney will never dismiss your pain or say you “will never get better”. Every chiropractor has a specific treatment protocol he has used for patients with a work injury of this sort – and knows it works. For his Nashville patients, Dr. Sweeney uses a combination of chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, and specific exercises to relieve pain.

See your Nashville chiropractor if you have a frozen shoulder work injury. It’s time for thawing!

June 11, 2014

Dr. Sweeney

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