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Dry Needling Used by Some of the Nation’s Top Athletes

When patients come into my Nashville chiropractic office, they’re often apprehensive about using dry needling to ease their muscle-related pain. Even though it has been proven to be effective by numerous research studies, they’re still skeptical about whether or not it actually works. Well, according to the Houston Texans, famous NFL team that has the red, white, and blue steer on the side of their helmets, it not only works, but it is an important part of their training regimen!

In an article recently published on ScienceDaily, a website known for their up-to-the-minute research news in a number of major industries, Geoff Kaplan, director of sports medicine and head trainer for the Houston Texans, revealed that they use dry needling often for members of their team. In fact, when they are training their hardest, it isn’t uncommon to use this treatment method on 14-28 percent of their 72 players each and every day.

Trainer Kaplan acknowledges that there are many benefits to using dry needling, but that his team uses it primarily due to the fact that the players “feel significantly better” after a treatment session. Ultimately, it reduces the muscle soreness that they feel after being jostled on the football field all day, and it improves their levels of function which is extremely important not only individually, but to the team as a whole.

So, if you want to experience the same type of pain-relieving treatment as some of our nation’s top athletes, call my Nashville chiropractic office and schedule your appointment today. Don’t worry. We won’t make you catch a pass or get hit by a 250-pound linebacker first.



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December 05, 2014

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