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Treatment of Choice for Disc Herniation and Stenosis

A disc herniation or spinal stenosis are two serious spinal conditions that need medical and chiropractic attention. Depending on the severity of the condition, the medical doctor may recommend surgery. However, you should know that chiropractic spinal decompression has “saved” many patients from surgery.

There are times when surgery is the only answer and other times where non-surgical spinal decompression could be tried – and found to be quite successful in relieving the condition.

For example, if the disc in the lumbar spine is bulging so much that there is bowel and bladder incontinence, this is a sign that a person should be rushed into surgery immediately. It means that the spinal cord is compromised and paralysis may result.

But that’s the worst case scenario for the lower back. In most other cases of low back pain because of disc herniation, a method needs to be used that can somehow nudge that disc herniation back into the spinal cord where it should be. That’s the purpose of non-surgical spinal decompression. The method of chiropractic uses distraction and traction forces to allow this to be accomplished.

In cases of stenosis, there’s a narrowing of the spine which compresses the nerve. Spinal decompression can’t stop the progressive nature of this disease, but it can still relieve the pain by easing pressure on the nerve that’s compressed.

Spinal decompression is well worth the effort. If you are interested in this technique, talk to your Nashville chiropractor, Dr. Sweeney. Ask to read the testimonials of those who have already gone through the process; you’ll be amazed to find out how many patients did not need surgery after all.

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July 17, 2014

Dr. Sweeney

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