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How Can A Chiropractor Help Me Improve My Diet?

Often, people who are seeing a chiropractor for the first time wonder how and why a chiropractor can help them improve their diet. They ponder about why it’s so important and if it really impacts healing at all.

Nutrition courses are part of the curriculum for every chiropractor. The first course is a basic nutrition course that explains all about nutrients – fat, protein, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. Each of these nutrients is essential for your body to survive and live. When levels of any of these nutrients are out of balance, the result is disease, not wellness.

The second course and any additional courses in nutrition that a chiropractor takes is one that medical doctors don’t get. It’s all about nutrition therapy – how to use diet to create positive changes in the body that lead to health. Some of the topics covered include:

  • how different diseases increase the requirement for certain nutrients
  • how to diagnose different deficiencies
  • the latest updates for a chiropractor on how to use supplements to speed up healing
  • how to use nutrients to heal past injuries
  • how foods in the standard American diet contribute to health issues
  • how to eat a healthy diet

One of the most satisfying things a chiropractor finds about practice is seeing a patient change their diet, eliminate vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and take supplements that contribute to the feeling of optimal health. When you eliminate the stress from a poor diet and deficiencies, an amazing transformation can occur in your health condition, attitude, and entire life. You’ll have more energy, become more focused and productive and act happier 24/7.

Talk to your Nashville chiropractor, Dr. Sweeney about including more nutritional advice in your treatment plan. You’ll be glad you did.

May 14, 2014

Dr. Sweeney

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