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Advanced Spinal Decompression

Advanced spinal decompression is achieved through the use of a decompression table that controls the force and angle of disc distraction. This enhanced control allows non-surgical spinal decompression tables to apply a traction force to the discs of the spinal column reducing intradiscal pressure.

Spinal decompression is safe and effective without the normal risks associated with invasive procedures such as injections, anesthesia or surgery. Spinal decompression works through a series of treatments with a total treatment time of 30 minutes. The amount of treatments is determined by the physician depending on the severity of the condition. During the decompression phase the pressure in the disc is reduced and a vacuum type of effect is produced on the inner parts of the disc. At the same time the reduction of pressure on the disc allows for it to heal properly.

Our advanced spinal decompression system (DX2) has revolutionized the treatment of back pain and neck pain by combining the benefits of traction and light therapy into one simple-to-administer treatment. The DX2 also features a digital goniometer that automatically calculates and digitally displays the rope angle allowing for targeted traction therapy to the specific disc/discs that is/are injured, hence, speeding up the healing process. Our advance spinal decompression system has a success rate near 90%.

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March 25, 2013

Dr. Sweeney

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