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About Sweeney Chiropractic

About Sweeney Chiropractic

Sweeney Chiropractic is a family-run, full-service chiropractic clinic with one of the best reputations in the Nashville area. We use evidence-based practice backed by science to treat even the most severe spinal injuries. Due to our trusted reputation and positive patient outcomes, we receive referrals from top hospitals and surgeons in Nashville to care for their patients. We are professional, we are affordable, we have a vast array of revolutionary therapies, and we are a successful alternative for surgery and pain management.

At Sweeney Chiropractic, we will cater to your specific needs and treat you how we would want to be treated. Whether you have a sports injury, pain from a car wreck, migraines, or an acute disc herniation, we will develop a customized treatment plan for each individual to address your unique condition. As our patient, you will become part of the Sweeney Chiropractic "family", where we listen to you, care for you, develop personal relationships with you, and cheer you on during your road to recovery.

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Does chiropractic hurt?

No, adjustments do not hurt when done properly. You will hear some pops, and feel subsequent release of pressure. Most patients love the feeling.

Is your clinic expensive?

No, we are very affordable compared to most chiropractors and medical doctors. We offer packages and payment plans to cut costs as well.

Can you help me?

Yes, we have decades of experience treating and healing most conditions. We have successfully helped patients get off prescription pain medications and prevented many from needing surgery.